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Marine Wall Panels from PSI

Marine Wall Panels from PSIFor more than 30 years, the most demanding marine decorators, designers and architects have chosen PSI Marine Wall Panels with a Thermax core.

Our non-combustible boards offer safety as well as style in a variety of decorative offerings such as laminates, veneers, mirrors, wallpapers, galvanized steel, stainless steel, and polished metals.

Rounded edges and formed and curved panels are also possible with post-forming laminates, which are often used for public spaces on cruise ships and ferries.

Ideal uses include decorative, fire-rated walls, doors, joiner panels, linings, ceilings, furniture and fixtures in living quarters and public spaces.

Moreover, PSI Marine Panels with a Thermax core offer superior protection from fire for passengers and crew onboard seagoing vessels and offshore platforms.


Get certified fire protection.

PSI Marine Wall Panels with a Thermax core meet all relevant regulations for fire protection according to SOLAS, which requires noncombustible construction materials in accordance with the FTP Code for interior outfitting, and for furniture in certain areas

Our materials also meet certification requirements with MED, Transport Canada, and USCG. They have also passed the University of Pittsburgh’s toxicity test, the highest toxicity safety measurement.

DRAWINGS and SOLAS, IMO, USCG Certificates available upon request. Contact us at or by calling (800) 947-9422 or (254) 774-9800.


How PSI Marine Panels with a Thermax core are manufactured.

PSI Marine Panels with a Thermax core are made from vermiculite (aluminum-iron-magnesium-silicate), a natural inorganic mineral belonging to the mica-minerals group.

Raw vermiculite is exfoliated by a high temperature heat treatment in the production process and expands to a lightweight aggregate, which is blended with inorganic binders and pressed to form boards.

Our boards do not contain asbestos or other mineral fibers and are non-toxic.